LISTEN Kick-off Meeting

The Kick-Off-Meeting of LISTEN – Learning Intercultural Storytelling – was held on 27./28.02.2017 in Göttingen, Germany.
In good and inspiring atmosphere representatives of all seven partners out of six European countries – Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom – discussed ideas and objectives of the project. The Kick-Off-Meeting was a very good opportunity to meet and get to know the new partners and to reconnect with old partners.

GREEEN Kick-off meeting in Göttingen

05_greeen logo mit ausgeschriebenem Titel_klein“Climate change education is about helping learners understand and address the impacts of global warming today, while at the same time encouraging the change in attitudes and behaviour needed to put our world on a more sustainable path in the future”. (UNESCO and Climate Exchange Education, Mr. Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General, 2009).

Schools can play a central role in providing young people with information and knowledge to help them understand climate change as early as possible. Continue reading


Logo RIVERAfter the successfull pilotings and a project meeting in Budapest, the busy period of finalising the RIVER products started with discussions about content, improvements and wording. Before summer most of the material must be ready for translation.

To have some more information about the piloting, please have a look at the RIVER Newsletter 3 July 2013_EN.

All final products and results of the RIVER project will be presented at the final RIVER conference, which will take place in Vienna (AT), November 12th 2013. If you are interested to participate feel free to contact us.

Languages Behind Bars –
1st transnational meeting and kick-off

At the end of October the first transnational meeting and the kick-off of the project “Languages Behind Bars” took place. Under the coordination of die Berater the partners met in Vienna to clarify the work-packages and the next steps for the project. Besides of the Austrian coordinator and BUPNET, partners from England, France, Bulgaria and the Netherlands take part. They have all background in working with inmates, inmates’ relatives or in umbrella-organisations.

Paul Talbot is the coordinator of LBB and has worked as a language trainer in correctional facilities. The rationale of this project is based on the high numbers of foreign national prisoners in European prisons. Continue reading