PROVIDE – Conference proceedings and O-tones

Logo Venus risingThe conference proceedings from the final conference of the PROVIDE project are available now on the project website.

The conference “Competence based learning and validation of learning outcomes in innovative informal and non-formal learning projects” gathered experts from all educational fields and gave an insight in current European validation practice.

Please find here some O-Tones from the participants:

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PROVIDE Final conference – Register now

Logo Venus risingCompetence based learning and validation of learning outcomes innovative informal and non-formal learning projects – This is the topic of the final conference organised by the PROVIDE team.
The conference takes place in Mechelen, Belgium.
Start: 17.09.2015 at 12:00 h
End: 18.09.2015 at 12:00 h
Please find the draft agenda here
Please use the honline registration form.

European Course – 40 people connect

Logo Venus risingAll together 40 people met in Alden Biesen, Belgium for the first PROVIDE course on competence based learning.

The course aimed at enabling educationalists to plan and realise a learning trajectory focussiNW_Photo_PROVIDE_smallng on open competence oriented learning and teaching. The participants were trained to be a facilitator of professional development among vocational/adult learning teachers, and for validating the outcomes of it by means of the LEVEL5 system. Continue reading

European course on competence oriented learning and validation

Logo Venus risingThe PROVIDE team invites you to a professional development course. In two consecutive training courses we intend to train a small number of energetic and experienced teachers/trainers. We invite you to be part of that team! Together you will prepare a professional learning project in your school/context. During the course you will be supported by the PROVIDE team. Back home you are expected to involve a few teachers/trainers to plan and realise a learning trajectory focussing on open competence oriented learning and teaching. Continue reading

PROVIDE online survey for VET professionals

Logo Venus risingThe PROVIDE team invites all VET professionals to take part in our online survey. With the survey the PROVIDE team intends to get an insight into the work and learning context of VET professionals and into the competences that are needed to adapt to changing conditions and requirements. By responding you will have the chance – if you want – to participate in the European training course that will be organised in early 2015.

The online survey is available in Bulgarian, Dutch, English, French and German and can be accessed here.


PROVIDE – Highlight of second partner meeting

Logo Venus risingThe PROVIDE partners met for a two-day meeting in rainy Bordeaux, France. The main aim was to discuss and fix the next steps. These are: the online survey to gather information on the needs in terms of competences of educational professionals in the VET sector, the interviews that shall substantiate the findings from the survey and the validation system. The online survey will be launched in early June. We will inform you also here on where to access it and subsequently on its results.

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