Please find an overview of our current projects here:

Care4Carers – Interactive support programme designed to address informal carers’ specific needs

COOL – Competence Oriented Open Learning for disadvantaged adults

Critical Balance – Critical Thinking Skills

DALFYS – Data Literacy competences for young students towards STEAM education

Digital Arts Dialogue – Using the values of Restorative Justice to establish an inclusive environment for young people

Eco-Therapy – Eco-therapy for people with substance abuse disorders

eDialogue – Using digital tools for dialogue and inclusion in schools

EVERGREEN – Empowering VET Institutions towards Greener Initiatives

EYE – Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

GEA – Growing into Eco-concious Adults

GreenGUARDens – Environmental Sustainability and Green Entrepreneurship Competence-Building in Kindergartens

IMAGES – I Manage And Empower My Skills – Validation of competences in informal and non-formal learning in NGOs

PROSPER – Post Pandemic Empowerment Programme

SAFE – Seniors Against Fake News

SASSI Later Life Careers – Follow-up

STORYLIVING – Digital storytelling in the youth sector

SynC – Strengthening youth entrepreneurship and innovation capital for the circular economy

I-L4SH – Intergenerational Learning for Sustainable Households