The IMAGES (I Manage and Empower My Skills) project aims to support managers of third sector not-for-profit organisations to identify their skills and further development needs, and provide them with opportunities to develop their competences in a way that is useful to their organisation, as well as create opportunities to transfer their competences from one EU Member State to another.

Building on a research phase, the first outcome will be a European repertoire of competences for these managers that is transferable across the EU and similar to ESCO qualifications. To make this happen for third sector managers, the second outcome of the project will be a series of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for professionals that will address the process of identification and documentation through to recognition of competences.

The project aims to give the civil society sector a voice in EU debates on validation and acquisition of competences and to develop recommendations for a European framework that can help third sector managers.

The 30-month project started in October 2020 and will end in July 2023. It is being carried out by a consortium of seven partners from four countries (Germany, Italy, France, Spain).

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