Final Conference COMBINE

logoOn 09.09.2015 the COMBINE team will carry out its final conference in Chesire, UK (close to Manchester Airport – 15 min. by train).

The focus of the conference will be on presenting the outcomes and findings of the COMBINE project. Moreover, specific information related to the introduction of IFBB to UK and economics of IFBB in the UK market will be given.

Please find the conference programme here.

COMBINE – Blue Conrad on the move!

logoConrad is blue, large and takes a Mercedes lorry to pull him (him, her, it) and was specifically constructed to investigate the viability of using different kinds of crops (semi-natural grasslands, road side verges, rushes, bracken, gorse) which are often perceived as problem habitats. The aim is to findBeauty out whether these crops can be used to manufacture what will be viable biomass fuel with a multitude of economic, environ-mental and social benefits – three pillars of sustainable development.

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COMBINE – partner meeting at large-scale IFBB plant

logoConverting organic matters from European urban and natural areas into storable bio-energy

The energetic utilisation of biomass has an important role for the achievement of the ambitious aims of EU to increase the share of renewable energies. Against this background the project COMBINE aims at opening-up of abandoned urban, natural and agricultural areas for the energy production. This will be achieved through the regular, extensive use of these areas and the energy recovery of biomass by means of an innovative concept, which builds on the use of a technology called “Integrated Generation of Solid Fuel and Biogas from Biomass (IFBB)”. Continue reading