RIVER Final Products

River-Logo-RGBAs the project RIVER is about to finish soon, the final products are now printed and available. So if you are interested in the results of this project, dealing with the recognition of the development of informally gained competences in senior volunteering activities, have a look at the webpage www.river-project.eu where you can order the publication or send us an email info@bupnet.eu


RIVER Final conference

Final conference of the EU-project RIVER

Following the demographic trend and the increasing share of elderly people in the population, it gets more and more important to create opportunities for the active participation of seniors in society.  The contribution of volunteering as a strategy for active ageing and competence development of senior learners is the focus of the European conference. Continue reading


Logo RIVERAfter the successfull pilotings and a project meeting in Budapest, the busy period of finalising the RIVER products started with discussions about content, improvements and wording. Before summer most of the material must be ready for translation.

To have some more information about the piloting, please have a look at the RIVER Newsletter 3 July 2013_EN.

All final products and results of the RIVER project will be presented at the final RIVER conference, which will take place in Vienna (AT), November 12th 2013. If you are interested to participate feel free to contact us.

RIVER Course Documentation Rome 2012

The success of a course is very closely connected to its participants. So I was a lucky trainer, because the group I had the pleasure to run the national pilot with was smart and nice.

Please find here soon the link to the course documentation and some impressions of the LEVEL5 Workshop for the RIVER partners and piloting organisations that took place in Rome at the end of 2012.



RIVER Partnermeeting and LEVEL5 Workshop

2012 is the European Year of Active Ageing. Along these lines, the project RIVER aims to promote active-aging senior volunteering with a focus on validating the development of personal, social and organisational competences during the volunteering activity.

From the 7.11. to 9.11.2012 both the partners of the RIVER project and some of the trainers that will pilot the RIVER methodology met in Rome. Main reason for the meeting was a 2-day training workshop on the LEVEL5 based RIVER validation methodology. The subsequent partner meeting dealt with the preparation of the piloting and the interim report. Continue reading

RIVER Workshop

At the moment we are busy with preparing the LEVEL5 & RIVER methodology workshop  that will take place in Rome in the beginning of November. One of the aims of the workshop is to support those partners of the project who will pilot the RIVER methodology. The target group will be the RIVER partners and trainers that will be involved in the national pilots. For further information: www.river-project.eu

The workshop is organised in close connection with the REVEAL community.

Click on REVEAL to enter the webpage of the community, where you find more information and some very nice videos.