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LBB – Perspectives

The new Erasmus+ funding programme opened up the opportunity to create a strong and long-lasting synergy between the European Prison Education Association (EPEA) who want to bring prison educators from across Europe together in dialogue and best-practice sharing, and the…

LBB proudly presents …

At the end of the projet the LBB team is proud to present its products that are available on the LBB project website. The LBB products are the following:

LBB – Train-the-trainer course in Sofia

The LBB team initiated the piloting phase with a train-the-trainer workshop that aimed to introduce the concept of the LBB method and draft working materials to those trainers that endeavoured to pilot the LBB tools. The workshop that took place…

LBB – Transnational Meeting in Bordeaux

End of September the third transnational meeting for Languages Behind Bars took place in Bordeaux. In Bordeaux at summer temperatures the partners discussed the status of the project, and prepared the train-the-trainer course that will take place in Sofia.

LBB – update

LBB and what the next step will be …     A nice wrap-up of what the LBB will have to work on within the next months.

LBB – Transnational Meeting in Göttingen

How to improve the situation in prisons for guards and prisoners? How to reduce the stress levels? To answer these and further questions are the aims of the project LBB – Languages Behind Bars. One strategy is to reduce obstacles…