LBB proudly presents …

DruckAt the end of the projet the LBB team is proud to present its products that are available on the LBB project website.

The LBB products are the following:

  • a workbook that issimilar to a conventional language learning ‘textbook’;
  • a series of 125 illustrated flashcards that can be used in training sessions, but can also be equally useful in practice;
  • visual dialogue builders that illustrate through various comic-strip style dialogues, showing visually the interaction between prisoners, detainees and various types of staff;
  • a guide for trainer that introduces the trainer to all the main organisational, methodological and practical issues concerning the use of LBB tools;
  • a correspondence programme for promoting cooperation between different prisons, given inmates the chance to practice asking and answering questions;
  • an assessment tool for the certification of communication competences for use with prisoner learners and staff;
  • LBBx to produce other language versions of the LBB materials. LLBx is a spreadsheet-based document which codifies all of the text written in the workbook. On the basis of LBBx each chunk of text can be translated into further languages.

bild_productsYou can download all products on the official project website.