LBB – Train-the-trainer course in Sofia

DruckThe LBB team initiated the piloting phase with a train-the-trainer workshop that aimed to introduce the concept of the LBB method and draft working materials to those trainers that endeavoured to pilot the LBB tools. The workshop that took place in October 2013 was attended by linguists (AT, FR, UK) and professionals directly involved in the routine work in prisons (BG, DE, NL).

The workshop enabled teachers and trainers from a range of backgrounds to experiment in practice with the basic materials from LBB to determine what works, and how best to conduct communication training in prison. It showed that no one method or programme can be successful in delivering communication training in prisons, but that enthusiastic and experienced teachers and trainers simply need flexible resources to enable them to do this work. Also, it showed the positive impact that effective communication has on the day-to-day life within the prison or detention centre, as well as its positive impact on motivation for learning.

Moreover, the LBB team received enough relevant information to be able to create finalised materials that are both relevant to the needs of teachers and trainers in this field, and which are flexible enough to allow for implementation in a range of contexts.