GREEEN network represented in eSchools4s

05_greeen logo mit ausgeschriebenem Titel_kleinThe coordinator, Sabine Wiemann from BUPNET GmbH, Göttingen, was invited to represent the GREEEN network in the panel discussion organised during the first annual conference of the network eSchools4s (E-Schools for the Sustainability in the Danube Region) on 27.10.14 in Esslingen, Germany

Both network projects are funded under the Comenius programme and show a great deal of similarities: Both projects deal with current issues
that shall be implemented in schools. The links between climate change and sustainable development are very strong: Climate change is a global challenge with long-term implications for the sustainable development of all countries. Both projects address teachers and students and will do some development work in terms of
manuals or guidelines for teachers. Both projects need to organise events and do dissemination activities.

The idea is to pool the activities and support each other. The GREEEN network consists currently of 16 partner organisations in ten countries and represents thus a good dissemination platform for the eSchools4s network, and vice versa. Currently, the two networks are exploring future ways of collaborating.

You can find the summary of Sabine’s contribution to the panel discussion here.