LBB – Perspectives

DruckThe new Erasmus+ funding programme opened up the opportunity to create a strong and long-lasting synergy between the European Prison Education Association (EPEA) who want to bring prison educators from across Europe together in dialogue and best-practice sharing, and the LBB project team who want as many people to use the LBB materials as possible.  The LBB project team were able to create an intensive blended-mobility programme based on the broader topic of multilingualism in prisons and the ways to address this through education and training. As a blended-learning course, the training gives learners the opportunity to learn in their own time, with the requirement that they attend a 3-day residential training.  The learning aims of the course are as follows:

  • Reflect on the unique situation and conditions concerning foreign national detainees, and the influence this has on communication needs in prisons and detention facilities
  • Critically evaluate the provisions for language acquisition training in your working environment
  • Understand how LBB tools can be used in practice, and assess their practical merits
  • Identify in detail various problems and solutions regarding language acquisition training with foreign national detainees and prison staff
  • Discuss the implications of different learning styles and teacher roles in using LBB tools
  • Identify the scope for exploiting LBB tools in various different contexts, using different materials, and building on existing material

Download the full Train the Trainer Programme in English here!

For more information on the EPEA and their upcoming training events, go to www.epea.org