GEP VET – Final conference coming soon

Logo_GEPVETThe GEP VET invites you to its final conference – an important milestone in the fulfilment of the goal of the project, where the GEP VET mission of encouragement of the entrepreneurship potential will be spread among an audience of EU agencies, governmental bodies, international experts, corporate figures, entrepreneurs, public figures etc.

The conference takes place on 28.09.2015 in Sofia. Please find more details and the conference agenda here.

GEP VEP proudly presents …

Logo_GEPVETThe past 2 years have been really dynamic and very fruitful – our GEP VET team identified altogether 18 most relevant entrepreneurship competences across Europe, and on that basis created 18 trainings modules that are now available in  the GEP VET Online Toolbox – the web home of entrepreneurshi.
The toolbox aims to foster entrepreneurship culture among VET teachers and trainers, labour market and in-company trainers, on the one hand, and on the other hand to promote entrepreneurial mind-set and behaviour among learners in VET, employees and people in labour market courses.

If you are interested, register now!

GEP VET – third partner meeting

Logo_GEPVETThe GEP VET project partnership met on the 30th of October in Göttingen, Germany for its third transnational meeting. The main aims were to wrap up and give feedback after the two-day Train-the-Trainers session, just held in Akademie Waldschlösschen in the suburbs of Göttingen, as well as to assign next steps and responsibilities, in regard with the national piloting of the main project product – the online tool-box of training materials on entrepreneurship.

During the meeting the project partners decided on the next steps:

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GEP VET – Train-the-Trainer

Logo_GEPVETIn the last week of October, in the secluded and welcoming atmosphere of Akademie Waldschlößchen, the GEP VET project partnership organized a two-day training session for the consortium trainers on the freshly elaborated training materials on entrepreneurship.

The training workshop was meant for each partner to introduce the training modules on entrepreneurship, assigned to their organization, and also to conduct an exemplary training session with an in-depth look at certain modules and activities of the curriculum for the rest of the participating trainers.

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GEP VET – Results from the needs analysis

Logo_GEPVETOn the 28th and 29th of April the second transnational meeting of the project team took place in Slovakia, Bratislava.
The main discussion points at the two-day meeting were: Wrap up of desk research & primary research activities: discussion of the issues and findings, and the development of draft train-the-trainer course and online tool box.

The research activities showed and confirmed that entrepreneurship has become an area of focus in the partner countries and at European level. However, there are still barriers in all countries that have to be faced. These are among others: the lack of inclusion of entrepreneurship related topics in the vocational education and training systems (VET), the partially ineffective teaching methods and the missing bridge to practice. Continue reading

GEP VET – Online Befragung

Logo_GEPVETHerzlichen Dank an die 22 TrainerInnen und an die 20 Lernenden, die unseren online Fragebogen ausgefüllt haben!

In den drei Partnerländern haben insgesamt jeweils ca. 100 Menschen teilgenommen, so dass wir einige Rückschlüsse für die weitere Entwicklung unseres Bildungsangebots zur Förderung unternehmerischen Denkens und Handelns in der beruflichen Aus- und Weiterbildung ziehen konnten.

In Kürze werden wir hier noch die wichtigsten Ergebnisse veröffentlichen.

GEP VET – Online Befragung

Logo_GEPVETOnline Befragung zum unternehmerischen Denken und Handeln in Aus- und Weiterbildung

Das von der EU geförderte Projekt GEP VET, Grow Entrepreneurship Potential in VET Institutions (Förderung des unternehmerischen Potenzials in der beruflichen Aus- und Weiterbildung) will unternehmerischen Denken und Handeln in der beruflichen Aus- und Weiterbildung und in Arbeitsmarktkursen fördern und verankern.

Die EU-Projektpartner aus Bulgarien, Deutschland, Portugal und der Slowakei wollen interessante Schulunggsinhalte entwickeln. Diese sollen Lernenden unternehmerisches Denken und Handeln näher bringen. Um adäquate und zeitgemäße Materialien zu entwickeln, bitte wir Lernende und Lehrende im Rahmen einer online Befragung über ihre Erfahrungen zu berichten.

Wenn Sie uns unterstützen wollen, füllen Sie bitten den folgenden Fragebogen aus:

zum Fragebogen für Lehrende

zum Fragebogen für Lernende

Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung!


GEP VET – Kick-off Meeting in Sofia

Logo_GEPVETGEP VET stands for Grow Entrepreneurship Potential in vocational education and training. GEP VETS intends to promote entrepreneurial culture of socio-economically disadvantaged young participants of labour-market oriented VET programmes through adaptation, enlargement and transfer of the training course and handbook previously developed in the PECAE project.

The GEP VET partners met in November 2013 in Sofia in order plan the forthcoming project activities and discuss several aspects of entrepreneurship. It was concluded that entrepreneurship is a competence that includes a number of “sub competences” such as: Continue reading