GEP VET – Kick-off Meeting in Sofia

Logo_GEPVETGEP VET stands for Grow Entrepreneurship Potential in vocational education and training. GEP VETS intends to promote entrepreneurial culture of socio-economically disadvantaged young participants of labour-market oriented VET programmes through adaptation, enlargement and transfer of the training course and handbook previously developed in the PECAE project.

The GEP VET partners met in November 2013 in Sofia in order plan the forthcoming project activities and discuss several aspects of entrepreneurship. It was concluded that entrepreneurship is a competence that includes a number of “sub competences” such as:

  • critical thinking
  • decision making
  • autonomy
  • problem solving
  • leadership
  • teamwork
  • sense of initiative
  • flexibility
  • negotiation
  • learning to learn
  • conflict management
  • management of resources
  • information management
  • marketing competences
  • networking
  • planning
  • etc.

This list will be completed in the next weeks by the partners and will also be consolidated by means of an online survey directed towards trainers and trainees in vocational education and training. The survey will be launched in early 2014 and will also be published here. The results will flow into the design of a training programme that shall promote the development of entrepreneurial skills. The training will be piloted in three partner countries.

For the pilots we will look for interested trainers in our regions – so stay tuned!