MEGA – Collection of myths and stereotypes now available

The compilation with myhts, stereotypes and success stories has been finalised. It is quite huge. We hope that you will be surprised by some of the things you read and that maybe one or two myths will disappear from your minds. We are well aware that not everything is great in the EU – but it is much better than some always postulate and there are some wonderful success stories.

MEGA – What the EU does for its citizens

The research phase carried out in the framework of the MEGA project has brought some interesting things to light – on the one hand the partners have found some really incredible myths about the EU, but on the other hand they have also found things that the EU does for its citizens that they were not aware of to this extent.
Before the MEGA report with myths and success stories is published – it will be designed over the summer months – you can see at a glance what the EU is doing for its citizens here.

Myths and stereotypes about the EU

Currently, the partners of the MEGA project are collecting myths and stereotypes about the European Union. The EU is often blamed for things for which it is not even responsible. As European Union constantly faces different manifestations of Europhobia, unmasking EU myths becomes ever more important to keep the EU united. Media – and specifically social media – play a major role as an opinion-maker and the carrier of EU myth information to a broader audience.

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MEGA – 1st Transnational Meeting

MEGA carried out its first transnational project meeting in Gottingen on 11th and 12th of March, 2020. The meeting was a novelty for all partners – Under the given circumstances three partners (from German, Austria and France) were on site, while three partners (from Italy, Lithuania and Cyprus) were not allowed to travel and were virtually connected. Despite its  Continue reading