MEGA course successfully completed

The 3-day MEGA training course “An informal and playful way to challenge Europhobia in Youth Work” involved 22 participants from the MEGA partner countries. During the three days of the training, the participants got together online in order to discuss EU myths spread in their countries and the effective tools for overcoming already existing as well as potential issues caused by Fake News, Disinformation and Misinformation spreading in EU.
Participants also discussed the role of gamified methods and face-to-face methods as the tools to strengthen young people in rejecting Europhobic myths and to build up their confidence as ambassadors of the European idea among their peers. They also gained flexibility regarding to learning methods, so that they adapt their knowledge and practice to different socioeconomic settings and challenged themselves in playing as well as creating different games (similar to “Dark Stories” and ”Escape room”) and managed to adapt and combine those games with the content of the course. Finally, youth workers were equipped with new MEGA methods in online gamification and non-formal education encouraging young people to spot the fake news and reject the false Europhobic myths in circulation, strengthening the trust in the European Union in order to become the ambassadors of the European idea among their peers.