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GINCO T&T manual published

The GINCO T&T project has just published its manual on international course development and delivery. The manual is one of the outcomes of the project and contains background information and training material based on an approach for ‘competence development of…

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GINCO final conference

Grundtvig International Network of Course Organisers organises its final conference in Leuven, Belgium on 11/12 September 2014. All costs covered. The GINCO consortium invites all people who are interested in learning more about approaches, methods and materials developed in the…

GINCO T&T – News

How does ERASMUS+ affect the organisation of your KA1 training course? Which competences do course organisers actually need to run KA 1 courses? How can learning outcomes in KA1 be validated? What is competence oriented teaching and learning?

GINCO T&T – 2nd Pilot Course

The GINCO Tools & Training team organises a second pilot course on competence development for international course organisers and trainers in Alden Biesen, Belgium on September 9 to 11, 2014. The course programme starts in Alden Biesen on the 9th…

GINCO T&T – New course date

In July, we announced the GINCO T&T training course for December 2013. Due to uncertainties about the new EU programmes, the project team decided to postpone the course to February 17-22, 2014. Please mark this date in your calendar!

GINCO T & T – Save the date

GINCO T & T pilot course in December 2013 in Alden Biesen The GINCO T & T consortium is currently working on the development of a modular training course aimed at enhancing those eight competence areas that had been identified…

GINCO Tools & Training

GINCO Tools & Training has launched a survey amongst Grundtvig in-service training (IST) course organisers as to define and prioritise the competences needed to organise a quality Grundtvig IST course. They were also asked to define their training needs. Based…

GINCO’s successor

GINCO Tools & Training The GINCO team presents GINCO Tools & Training as a follow up project in response to the needs revealed in GINCO surveys and research. GINCO T&T is a Grundtvig Multilateral Project and aims: