GINCO Tools & Training

GINCO Tools & Training has launched a survey amongst Grundtvig in-service training (IST) course organisers as to define and prioritise the competences needed to organise a quality Grundtvig IST course. They were also asked to define their training needs. Based on the results of this survey, the priorities set by the Lifelong Learning Programme and based on the principles of the EU Commission study on ‘Key Competences for Adult Learning Professionals’ the GINCO T&T team has come up with 41 competences spread over eight competence areas.

These competence areas are the following:

  1. Application of innovative didactics and competence oriented approaches
  2. Quality care and self-evaluation
  3. Validation of learning outcomes
  4. Promotion and marketing
  5. Attention to EU dimension
  6. ICT use
  7. Providing social and professional support
  8. Management and organisation

The GINCO T&T project team will now develop a modular competence-based training course that aims at enhancing these eight competence areas.

Stay tuned to learn more about the course.