SASSI – 2nd newsletter

Silver Sage_FinalWe have been busy!   Please CLICK HERE  to see the July 2016 Newsletter of the SASSI project for an update on our activities and progress.

SASSI – the Silver Age Silver Sage Initiative is a European-wide project funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme tasked with developing an innovative, age-sensitive approach to Continuous Professional Development within organisations and in Vocational Education.

Hier finden Sie die deutsche Version des SASSI-Newsletters – SASSI steht im Deuschen für “Initiative Silbernes Alter Silberne Weisheit”

GEP VEP proudly presents …

Logo_GEPVETThe past 2 years have been really dynamic and very fruitful – our GEP VET team identified altogether 18 most relevant entrepreneurship competences across Europe, and on that basis created 18 trainings modules that are now available in  the GEP VET Online Toolbox – the web home of entrepreneurshi.
The toolbox aims to foster entrepreneurship culture among VET teachers and trainers, labour market and in-company trainers, on the one hand, and on the other hand to promote entrepreneurial mind-set and behaviour among learners in VET, employees and people in labour market courses.

If you are interested, register now!

PROVIDE online survey for VET professionals

Logo Venus risingThe PROVIDE team invites all VET professionals to take part in our online survey. With the survey the PROVIDE team intends to get an insight into the work and learning context of VET professionals and into the competences that are needed to adapt to changing conditions and requirements. By responding you will have the chance – if you want – to participate in the European training course that will be organised in early 2015.

The online survey is available in Bulgarian, Dutch, English, French and German and can be accessed here.


GEP VET – Results from the needs analysis

Logo_GEPVETOn the 28th and 29th of April the second transnational meeting of the project team took place in Slovakia, Bratislava.
The main discussion points at the two-day meeting were: Wrap up of desk research & primary research activities: discussion of the issues and findings, and the development of draft train-the-trainer course and online tool box.

The research activities showed and confirmed that entrepreneurship has become an area of focus in the partner countries and at European level. However, there are still barriers in all countries that have to be faced. These are among others: the lack of inclusion of entrepreneurship related topics in the vocational education and training systems (VET), the partially ineffective teaching methods and the missing bridge to practice. Continue reading