PROVIDE – Kick-off meeting in Göttingen

Logo Venus risingThe PROVIDE project team met for the two-day kick-off meeting in Göttingen, Germany. The overall aim of the meeting was to create a common understanding on the project and to plan the project activities. The project is quite complex since it is based on two innovative approaches that shall be transferred into continuing professional development of educational professionals in vocational education and training (VET). These approaches are the Competency Framework developed in a European wide study (KCAE) for Adult Educators, supported by the EU in 2010, on the one hand, and the LEVEL5 validation system that has been developed and applied in six EU projects between 2005 and 2004, on the other hand.

To reduce complexity the team visualised the work packages and their interfaces.  WP Übersicht

The main outcome – the training offer in WP 5 and the piloting in WP 6 will address among others:

  • teacher trainers and teachers
  • HR managers
  • e-learning practitioners
  • in-company trainers
  • instructors
  • labour market trainers
  • programme developers
  • project developers

It was agreed that the PROVIDE training offer should promote learning and create opportunities for learning. It is about methodology: how to bring about contents in a competence based way (competence based learning CBL), that is.

The benefits of the PROVIDE learning offer for the above mentioned target groups are:

  •      promote learning
  •      reflect and have evidence on learning progress
  •      progress on their learning path
  •      inform others on their development
  •      provide opportunity to make choices

For this purpose the training offer shall be:

  •      empowering
  •      inspiring
  •      self-directed
  •      motivating

The training will take place in early 2015.