PROSPER – How to run better meetings


There are many ways companies try to improve the experience of hybrid meeting participants. Here are some of them:

Technical measures

  • investing in better quality audio equipment, like microphones;
  • using a handheld microphone;
  • introducing new forms of videoconference technology optimised for the hybrid experience;
  • using large screens in order to make virtual participants look full-sized;
  • pre-testing all tools and activities before the start of the meetings;
  • using audio-based feedback tools to put all participants on an equal footing;
  • using online whiteboards to make the notes available to everyone.

Organisational measures

  • enabling virtual participants to “move around” the physical room and observe wallcharts without restricting live participants to their laptops;
  • having a staff member act as physical representative of the virtual participant – moving items when necessary, making sure that the camera is always pointed where needed, that people speak up etc. 
  • having the facilitator engage virtual participants actively, helping that their voices are heard

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Source: What It Takes to Run a Great Hybrid Meeting by Bob Frisch and Cary Greene. Harvard Business Review 2021.