PROSPER – Icebreakers for better hybrid meetings


Have you ever attended online meetings where you wished you had some time at the beginning to share something, to joke, to ask a question, or just to have a casual, non-business chat?

As the online meetings are the only time when hybrid teams can actually meet, see each other, share and connect, be sure to make you best to spend some time to raise the spirit of the participants by using some simple techniques like icebreakers, adapted for virtual environment. We call it socialization, which now in the hybrid reality, needs to be managed and taken care of, because it is no longer a natural process that happens in the office.

The difference between traditional and virtual icebreakers are obvious:

  • you use online tools that sometimes can give you lots of advantages in terms of organizing and visualizing the process and the outcomes
  • people can’t have the real feeling of being together but still they can connect and feel better, focusing their energy and attention.

The icebreakers help participants to relax, to know and connect with each other better, to discover hidden potential, talents, and tinterests of others.

Depending on the meeting and the time frame, you can choose short and quick ice-breaking questions, short events or a bit longer online games that can be part of a great team building agenda.

If you want to find out more, take a look at the PROSPER training modules.