PROSPER – Methods & Tools for Online Surveys


Even if your questions are right and your questionnaire is perfect, you still need to consider at least few different options to gather feedback from your employees:

  • Talk to people – this is still the most powerful way to connect and exchange opinions. Ask and share your own as well. Formally (interviews) or not (just conversations)! And keep a track of the info shared with you by keeping your own notes or even asking people to come back with something written later;
  • Use a 360 degree feedback method (better written) to collect a range of viewpoints – personal experience, people in the team, managers, senior management, the company. Use both quantitative and qualitative answers. Leave space for comments;
  • Surveys and questionnaires – use easy to manage and conduct. Online or offline, depending how your people work;
  • Pulse check – fast check on how people feel and what they like or not for a shorter period;
  • Focus Groups – it’s helpful to ask respondents to opt into participating in focus groups around these issues. Then, in the focus groups, you can dig deeper into the survey questions and get at people’s underlying feelings and motivations. Mix people in the focus groups or use people from the same team/department, regarding your goal and issues found in the survey.
  • Don’t forget to guarantee confidentiality and security of information if you want people to trust you and to participate freely.

If you want to find out more, take a look at the PROSPER training modules.