SASSI LLC – Benefits of Self-directed Learning

  1. . You can begin immediately
    As a self-directed learner, you get to choose when the learning project starts. With the resources at hand, the timing is totally up to you.
  2. You learn at your own pace
    You can choose what to study based on your learning style and learning needs. This means you have control over the material and how it impacts you.
  3. You collaborate with others
    Learning something requires you to do a bit of research. That may include calling a friend or colleague, downloading an app, or reaching out to a group or former teacher. This is known as collaborative learning.
  4. You grow in confidence
    Once you have chosen a field of learning, you embark on a learning journey that is yours and that helps you develop a growth mindset.
  5. You promote well-being
    As you realize your potential and cope with the challenge of active learning, you experience what is possible when you apply yourself. As your sense of meaning and purpose grows, consider creating a personal mission statement to help you stay aligned with your goals.

This information was part of the SASSI LLC training materials. If you want to learn more, visit the Ambassadors for Mobility on the SASSI Hub.