7th European REVEAL Conference

7th REVEAL conferenceThe VITA project hosted the seventh REVEAL conference in Göttingen, Germany to further discuss the fields of activities, services and products that will be offered by the REVEAL network.

We started with a look back on the latest developments. These are:

LEVEL5 latest developments





We summarised what LEVEL5 can be used for:

What is LEVEL5





We established three ways to use LEVEL5 from which we derived three levels of membership:

Membership and benefits





The core partners are actually the REVEAL members, whereas the affiliates possess a LEVEL5 validation license received through a LEVEL5 assessors training.

In the light of the new EU programme Erasmus+ two potentially interesting fields of activity for REVEAL have been identified:

  1. mobility
  2. continuous professional development (CPD)

The partners intend to develop concrete offers for these two fields and approach stakeholders that work in the fields. Apart from these fields all conference participants see various potentials in their specific field of work.