Needs of mature learners and workers – Survey

Silver Sage_FinalHelp us get a better understanding of the professional development needs of mature learners and workers.

As part of the SASSI project we are  looking at the development needs of mature learners and workers – particularly in the light of the raising of the pension age and the expectation that we keep working for longer.  If you are over 50 years of age and consider yourself to be active in the labour market (because you are working or as an active job seeker), we would like to hear your views on this subject.

We would be grateful if you would help us by completing this questionnaire (it is available in several languages)  and letting us know what you think.  The questionnaire is easy to fill in and won’t take you more than 5 minutes.

Please click here (available in English, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Slovak).

VALLEY – 2nd partner meeting in Palermo

logo_valley_hell_300dpiOn 18./19. November 2015 the VALLEY partners met for the second transnational meeting in Palermo.

The meeting was dedicated to drawing conclusions from the previous research and stocktaking phase as basis for the development of the VALLEY validation approach for assessing and evidencing competence developments in volunteering activities.

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VALLEY – online survey

logo_valley_hell_300dpiThe VALLEY project team has launched an online survey addressing both volunteering organisations and volunteers.
With the help of the surveys the team wants to get a deeper insight in the competences that can be acquired during volunteering services and if and how these are assessed and recognised.

If you work in the volunteering sector, please fill in the questionnaire for volunteering organisers. The questionnaire is available in German, English, French, Italian and Romanian: Survey for volunteering organisers

If you have worked or are currently working as a volunteer, please fill in the survey for (ex)volunteers. The questionnaire is available in German, English, French, Italian and Romanian: Survey for (ex)volunteers


promote_logo_ohneSchrift_neuThis questionnaire will become part of the broader PROMOTE survey, which will employ qualitative and quantitative methods to investigate the awareness about existing methods as well as demand for validation of entrepreneurship, civic and learning to learn competences gained during mobility. This multiple-choice questionnaire should not take more than 10 minutes to complete.

Please fill in and share!

Link: PROMOTE Online-Survey

EILEEN – Results of needs analysis

eileen_sign_skew_greenEILEEN has successfully concluded the first big task and finished the EILEEN study on intercultural competences that was carried out to obtain a detailed view of interculturality in the workplace throughout Europe. The perceptions, interest and available tools regarding interculturality were investigated in a total of nine participating countries. Subsequently, a quantitative questionnaire gave insight into the perceptions in each of the regions concerning the intercultural momentum, i.e. the perception of the own behavioural pattern as well as of those from other regions we meet in professional practices.

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VALLEY partner meeting in Göttingen

logo_valley_hell_300dpiIn early May the VALLEY (Validation System in Lifelong Learning Experiences of Youth Volunteering) partners came together in Göttingen to set up the plan for putting the goals of VALLEY into practice. The first steps focus on assessing the field of volunteering opportunities for youths and the practices in terms of validation of competences that young people acquire during their volunteering experiences. For this purpose an online survey will be launched in the middle of June that addresses young volunteers as well as volunteering organisations to ask for their experieIMG_0839nces and needs. The survey is backed by an extensive internet research to deepen the findings. Based on these research results the VALLEY team will customise the offers that are to be developed in the coming two years.


PROVIDE online survey for VET professionals

Logo Venus risingThe PROVIDE team invites all VET professionals to take part in our online survey. With the survey the PROVIDE team intends to get an insight into the work and learning context of VET professionals and into the competences that are needed to adapt to changing conditions and requirements. By responding you will have the chance – if you want – to participate in the European training course that will be organised in early 2015.

The online survey is available in Bulgarian, Dutch, English, French and German and can be accessed here.


GEP VET – Results from the needs analysis

Logo_GEPVETOn the 28th and 29th of April the second transnational meeting of the project team took place in Slovakia, Bratislava.
The main discussion points at the two-day meeting were: Wrap up of desk research & primary research activities: discussion of the issues and findings, and the development of draft train-the-trainer course and online tool box.

The research activities showed and confirmed that entrepreneurship has become an area of focus in the partner countries and at European level. However, there are still barriers in all countries that have to be faced. These are among others: the lack of inclusion of entrepreneurship related topics in the vocational education and training systems (VET), the partially ineffective teaching methods and the missing bridge to practice. Continue reading

GEP VET – Online Befragung

Logo_GEPVETHerzlichen Dank an die 22 TrainerInnen und an die 20 Lernenden, die unseren online Fragebogen ausgefüllt haben!

In den drei Partnerländern haben insgesamt jeweils ca. 100 Menschen teilgenommen, so dass wir einige Rückschlüsse für die weitere Entwicklung unseres Bildungsangebots zur Förderung unternehmerischen Denkens und Handelns in der beruflichen Aus- und Weiterbildung ziehen konnten.

In Kürze werden wir hier noch die wichtigsten Ergebnisse veröffentlichen.

VITA – Employer Survey

vita peopleThe VITA project works on the validation of social, personal and organisational competences that are relevant in order to be successful in service oriented economic sectors. The VITA project team launched a survey to explore European employers’ view on the importance of these competences and what they think about validating these.

The following link leads to our online survey for employers – we would appreciate you either filling it out yourself or spreading it to people that might have an opinion on the matter:

The VITA partners kindly invite employers to answer a few short questions, that will not take more than 10 minutes.

Thanks in advance for your support!