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Merry Christmas

The EU-BUPNET team wants to thank all partners and colleagues for the nice and fruitful cooperation and wishes a very happy and peaceful Christmas and an exciting and successful New Year.

Quote of the month

June is always a month full of project meetings and a lot of deadlines before summer arrives and calms down our schedules a bit.We keep you updated. As usual find here the PDF to download our Quote of the month…

The Quote of the Month

To continue our just established new category find here the quote of the month February. After finalising the applications for the new call, reports have to be finished and meetings (online and face to face) must be prepared. We keep…

The Quote of the Month

As January is a pretty busy period – proposals and reports have to be written and a lot of things have either to be finalised or started – it is a bit quiet here, but news from the different projects…