PRACTICE – Kick-off Meeting

The PRACTICE project – Preventing Radicalism through Critical Thinking Competences aims to develop EU-wide continuing professional development (CPD) programme for teachers focussing on promotion of social, civic and intercultural competences and critical thinking of secondary school students.

PRACTICE addresses current challenges and needs of preventing radicalisation in school and of supporting opportunities for teachers’ continuing professional development (CPD) in this area, by developing, testing and disseminating an innovative approach, using participatory methods collaborative process, that involve 7 partner organisations and 35 schools at local, national and EU level.

On the 22-23 November 2018 the partnership meet for the first time in Palermo, Italy and set up the first steps for a comprehensive comparative research report.


05_greeen logo mit ausgeschriebenem Titel_kleinThe GREEEN Network proudly presents the GREEEN Guide that is meant to serve teachers and other education professionals as a source of inspiration for the integration of climate change related topics into educational programmes and school curricula in a creative and multi-disciplinary way. The guide does not repeat information that are available in many other sources on climate change but does very much focus on the GREEEN partners’ experience. It offers good practice examples on how climate change has been integrated into specific subjects or into extracurricular activities – all gathered by the GREEEN partner schools and all based on real experience – as well as examples of networking activities and presents the various offerings provided by the GREEEN Network.
You can download the guide in English from GREEEN website. The Guide is now being translated into all partner languages and French. These versions will be also made available on the website soon.

GREEEN Storytelling Award

05_greeen logo mit ausgeschriebenem Titel_kleinTell us your story in a film!

Once upon a time …?

We want you to imagine you live in the future and tell people the story on how the battle against climate change was finally won in the beginning of the 21st century. How did people change their behaviour into a climate friendly and sustainable one? What new (or old) invention made fossil fuels obsolete? How did we decrease the consumption of resources to a sustainable level? How did we secure ecosystem services for future generations?

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