What is EYE

It’s time for an update.

EYE stands for “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs”, a European funded exchange programme for entrepreneurs.
In order to support entrepreneurial diversity and synergy in Europe the European Commission funds exchanges between entrepreneurs.
New entrepreneurs (NE) have the opportunity to work over a period of 1 month up to 6 months with an experienced host entrepreneur (HE) in another European country. Both parts benefit of the exchange discussing their business ideas, sharing best practice examples and contacts. In a nutshell: They get a fantastic chance to learn from each other.

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REVEAL seasons greetings

Dear all,Greetings from our REVEAL network!
We would like to seize the opportunity to give you an overview of the latest developments in 2013:On December 19th there was the formal lift-off for the „REVEAL“ cooperative, adopted by our General Assembly. REVEAL will now be the official home of LEVEL5 and the umbrella organisation of our European network from 2014 onwards. Continue reading

EYE – Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

The business world in Europe has changed and it is well known that former manufacturing industrial countries see their future mainly in the service sector. One of the keywords related to this development is entrepreneurship. More people than ever before are starting their own business. Several supportive services are initiated by governments and the European Commission to help them with this challenging task.

BUPNET is partner in the Mobilitas4 project which is funded by one of these initiatives: the Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs programme of the European Commission. Continue reading