EYE – Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

The business world in Europe has changed and it is well known that former manufacturing industrial countries see their future mainly in the service sector. One of the keywords related to this development is entrepreneurship. More people than ever before are starting their own business. Several supportive services are initiated by governments and the European Commission to help them with this challenging task.

BUPNET is partner in the Mobilitas4 project which is funded by one of these initiatives: the Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs programme of the European Commission. The aim is to give young Start-ups the possibility to have an exchange with an experienced entrepreneur within the same industry in an EU country of their choice. For this purpose an up to six month stay will be funded for 8 New or Wannabe Entrepreneurs.

BUPNET is one of more than hundred intermediate organisations who try to find on the one hand Young Entrepreneurs in Germany who like to go abroad and on the other hand Host Entrepreneurs who are willing to give a New Entrepreneur the opportunity to have an insight into his or her business.

Find more information about EYE on the programme’s webpage.