SASSI – Impact of the pandemic on learning projects

The planned learning projects – so beautifully planned in Matosinhos – have been massively affected by the current situation. Everything started well. The team of BUPNET and blinc came back full of enthusiasm and started to concretise things. First steps were successfully taken: A coaching guideline based on the SASSI concept was developed, mobility as a means of further training was explored and first plans were made – actually a team training abroad was planned for June, then postponed to September and then cancelled completely for this year … . The plans for Job Shadowing have also been put on hold. Unfortunately, travelling is just not safe these days. But we hope that next year we can catch up on our plans for European mobility!

If you are also interested in planning European mobility, please visit our SASSI Hub, where we have prepared a wealth of information on this topic.

Silver Age Silver Sage – SASSI approved

Silver Sage_FinalSilver Age Silver Sage – SASSI – is a new project funded in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme that started on 01.09.2015. Silver agers or best agers or the generation 50+ are in the focus of the project. Against the background that we are all getting older and need to work longer, these silver agers need to update their knowledge and competences to cope with the new challenges in their jobs, on the one hand, and pass on their knowledge and experience to their younger colleagues, on the other hand. Continue reading