Silver Age Silver Sage – SASSI approved

Silver Sage_FinalSilver Age Silver Sage – SASSI – is a new project funded in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme that started on 01.09.2015. Silver agers or best agers or the generation 50+ are in the focus of the project. Against the background that we are all getting older and need to work longer, these silver agers need to update their knowledge and competences to cope with the new challenges in their jobs, on the one hand, and pass on their knowledge and experience to their younger colleagues, on the other hand.

Thus, it is of paramount importance for training providers and enterprises to find adequate solutions to the challenges posed by this situtation. But what would be an adequate response?

“Adequate” in this context means that a number of aspects related to planning, providing and implementing continious vocational training offers to older learners need to be dealt with by external VET providers as well as by enterprises and organisations in a manner which reflects the specific needs of these target groups.

The project intends to develop and test an approach that ensures that the most important age-relevant aspects of planning, organising, promoting and delivering learning offers are systematically taken into account at an institutional level. The SASSI system will provide training providers and enterprises with procedural descriptions, practical tools, and accompanying coaching and training offers related to an organisational development process eventually leading to age-responsive institutional approaches to adequately involve older employees in lifelong learning. More specifically, it will develop, test and disseminate a strategy which ensures that provision, pedagogy and methodologies, promotion and management of continuing vocational training inside and outside enterprises reflect the specific needs of older employees.

The project involves seven partners institutions from Austria, Germany, UK, Portugal, The Netherlands and Slovakia that have been working in vocational education and training as well as in adult education for many years.