PROMOTE – First milestone

promote_logo_ohneSchrift_neuPROMOTE project has just reached its first important milestone: the completion of comprehensive stocktaking activities based on a desk research, online questionnaires and expert interviews.The desk research has been combined with expert interviews of representatives of higher education institutes and businesses to inquire about existing approaches to acquire and validate key competences both in higher education and in industry and enterprises.

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SuperMAN: Final Event in Italy!

On March the 4th our Italian partner, the Cooperativa Sociale Kara Bobowski, held the final event of the project SuperM.A.N (Supermarkets Meet Accessibility Needs) in the beautiful Forlì.

SUPER M.A.N aims at analysing the field of accessibility for mentally disabled people. The problems to tackle are cognitive and psychic difficulties and the barriers are more relational and cultural than architectonic. Continue reading