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My e-Start: First newsletter

Are you interested in what we have achieved in the first phase of our project? Read everything in our first newsletter!!! Newsletter in English Newsletter in Bulgarian Newsletter in German Newsletter in Greek

My e-Start: Research results at a glance

You don’t have the time or motivation to read our entire research report? No problem! We prepared a short and concise summary of the most important results which is available in 4 languages. English executive summary Bulgarian executive summary German…

My e-Start: Transnational research results

The My e-Start project aims to equip disadvantaged adults with skills necessary for using the most common e-Government and e-Commerce services in their countries and ensuring a positive (first) e-experience as well as a sense of digital achievement. In order…

My e-Start – The official start

E-services, such as e-Government and e-Commerce save time and provide significant benefits for citizens, governments and businesses alike. As such, there can be considerable savings, greater transparency or a generally easier and more convenient way of managing administrative tasks. The…