EILEEN Award – open for submissions now!

eileen_sign_skew_greenThe EILEEN team has launched a European award for projects or initiatives that promote the development of intercultural competences in an innovative way and include practical cases or at least ideas on how learning outcomes and competence developments within this specific competence area can be assessed and evidenced.

The motto: Our way to a welcoming European enterprise

If you have a project that complies with this motto and includes also practical cases or ideas on how learning outcomes and competence developments can be assessed and evidenced – then this is your chance to win a trip to Athens.

Take part and maybe win a 2-day trip to Athens in September 2016.

Find out the details here.

Webinar: The power of storytelling

On March 21st the first of four Story Regions Webinars took place.

Guy Tilkin from the Storytelling Castle Alden Biesen in Belgium gave a presentation on what we understand by storytelling and which value it has, not only to stimulate our imagination, but also as vehicle for learning and personal growth.The presentation was followed by a Q&A session with the participants. The video has a duration of ca. 45 min.


VALLEY – Einladung zum transnationalen Trainingskurs in Rumänien

WhereisEILEENEinladung zum transnationalen Trainingskurs: “Validierung von Kompetenzen in der Jugend-Freiwilligenarbeit ”

09.-13. Mai 2016

Timisoara, Rumanien

Das Team des Erasmus+ Projektes VALLEY (Validation System in Lifelong Learning Experinces of Youth Volunteering) lädt interessierte FreiwilligenbetreuerInnen/-koordinatorInnen zu einem 5-tägigen internationalen Trainingskurs zum Thema “Validierung von Kompetenzen in der Jugend-Freiwilligenarbeit ” in Timisoara (Rumänien) ein.

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Needs of mature learners and workers – Survey

Silver Sage_FinalHelp us get a better understanding of the professional development needs of mature learners and workers.

As part of the SASSI project we are  looking at the development needs of mature learners and workers – particularly in the light of the raising of the pension age and the expectation that we keep working for longer.  If you are over 50 years of age and consider yourself to be active in the labour market (because you are working or as an active job seeker), we would like to hear your views on this subject.

We would be grateful if you would help us by completing this questionnaire (it is available in several languages)  and letting us know what you think.  The questionnaire is easy to fill in and won’t take you more than 5 minutes.

Please click here (available in English, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Slovak).

And the award goes to …

05_greeen logo mit ausgeschriebenem Titel_kleinThe GREEEN Network organised a storytelling award that addressed 14-19 year-old students in Europe to tell their story on climate change. The story involved a time travel – we wanted the storytellers to imagine that they live in 2115 and tell people how the battle against climate change was finally won. How did people change their behaviour into a climate friendly and sustainable one? What invention made fossil fuels obsolete? How did we decrease the consumption of resources to a sustainable level?

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