VITA promotion – Lernfestival in Switzerland

BUPNET is currently involved in organising an event in the framework of the 10th Lernfestival in Switzerland. In cooperation with the ch Stiftung (Swiss National Agency) we are organising a circuit in Bern and Ittigen consisting of seven stations that shall involve teams of two to six players in a huge variety of playful activities. The activities cover the following topics:

The interest for BUPNET lies above all in the opportunity to promote and apply LEVEL5 in this context. All activities of the circuit are desinged to enhance teamwork, and thus we developed an easy to use tool for enabling all players to assess their teamwork competences. They will be given a learning-check after having completed three of the seven stations.

At the end of the day, the LEVEL5 related activities intend to further disseminate the VITA approach to assess social, personal and organisational competences.

The circuit will take place on September 21th from 10 – 16 h.