RIVER Final conference

Final conference of the EU-project RIVER

Following the demographic trend and the increasing share of elderly people in the population, it gets more and more important to create opportunities for the active participation of seniors in society.  The contribution of volunteering as a strategy for active ageing and competence development of senior learners is the focus of the European conference. Continue reading

The Quote of the month

At the moment we are busy with finalising products and planning further steps for the second half of the year. Furthermore we are looking forward to the publication of the selection results of the EACEA call 2013.

July finally brings the sunny and warm weather we were all looking for. So enjoy yellow fields, the warm nights and a bath in a sea nearby. Enjoy summer.

Please find here the PDF file to print the quote of the month as a greeting card. card Locke


Logo RIVERAfter the successfull pilotings and a project meeting in Budapest, the busy period of finalising the RIVER products started with discussions about content, improvements and wording. Before summer most of the material must be ready for translation.

To have some more information about the piloting, please have a look at the RIVER Newsletter 3 July 2013_EN.

All final products and results of the RIVER project will be presented at the final RIVER conference, which will take place in Vienna (AT), November 12th 2013. If you are interested to participate feel free to contact us.

LBB – Transnational Meeting in Göttingen

DruckHow to improve the situation in prisons for guards and prisoners? How to reduce the stress levels? To answer these and further questions are the aims of the project LBB – Languages Behind Bars. One strategy is to reduce obstacles like communication and language problems by creating a tailor made language training for guards and prisoners. Continue reading

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EYE – Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

The business world in Europe has changed and it is well known that former manufacturing industrial countries see their future mainly in the service sector. One of the keywords related to this development is entrepreneurship. More people than ever before are starting their own business. Several supportive services are initiated by governments and the European Commission to help them with this challenging task.

BUPNET is partner in the Mobilitas4 project which is funded by one of these initiatives: the Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs programme of the European Commission. Continue reading

SuperMAN: Final Event in Italy!

On March the 4th our Italian partner, the Cooperativa Sociale Kara Bobowski, held the final event of the project SuperM.A.N (Supermarkets Meet Accessibility Needs) in the beautiful Forlì.

SUPER M.A.N aims at analysing the field of accessibility for mentally disabled people. The problems to tackle are cognitive and psychic difficulties and the barriers are more relational and cultural than architectonic. Continue reading