Three things against fake news

We reported on the training course carried out in February 2020 in Göttingen by the partners of the No Alternative Facts project. Unfortunately, participation in the course was limited to the partner organisations. But we are happy to say that all elements developed by the partnership will be made available to all interested parties through the No Alternative Facts Platform. On the platform you can find three things aimed to promote critical digital literacy:

  1. The No Alternative Facts Gamification Environment
  2. The No Alternative Facts Toolbox of Resources
  3. The No Alternative Facts Modular Learning Programme

The Gamification Environment allows trainers and their learners to set up and play own quizzes. The Toolbox provides many different resources related to fake news and fact checking tools. And the Learning programme consists of the modules that were delivered in the training course.

Even if you missed the course, you can catch up on (almost) everything here – except for the inspiring course atmosphere, which we unfortunately can’t bring to life here: https://www.noalternativefacts.net/platform/