No Alternative Facts – Training Course

The training course designed in the framework of NOAF project took place last week in Goettingen, Germany. On 18th of February BUPNET, as a partner, hosted the event in its premises and welcomed in total 21 participants who attended the 3-day course. The project “No alternative facts” addresses the challenge of processing information in a growing globalised world, in an adult education context, through this innovative train-the-trainer format which succeeded in:

Providing adult educators (direct target group) with useful skills and action-oriented methods on how to develop young people’s digital competence

The content of the course was focused in Fake News and Intentional Misinformation in Digital Technology, Tools for tackling Disinformation and Designing the imminent Learning Projects.

The commitment of the participants was extremely high and they are currently proceeding to the second phase, which is the piloting of the NOAF approach with young people in their respective country. The aspired outcomes is to enhance digital competence of young people 15-25 (final beneficiaries), especially with a low level of education and training and thus increasing media literacy, especially critical thinking, of young adults in the age of fake news.