SUPPORT ME – Supporting practitioners to train migrants in EU

In the current context of the influx of migrants and refugees into the European Union, the various European countries have reaffirmed year after year their desire to achieve the socio-professional inclusion of this vulnerable group.

Better reception, better support and the fight against discrimination are the recommended areas of effort. This requires lifelong training for professionals and volunteers to ensure that they have the best possible knowledge of this population, its specific characteristics and problems, and the best possible attitude to adopt, in order to provide quality support. Faced with the increase in the number of migrants in training activities, trainers and volunteers are asking for teaching tools, methods and good practices to better guide this diverse public.

This desire to strengthen skills was identified among trainers and volunteers during the previous DIME strategic partnership (2015-2018): “Developing a reference framework and training modules to promote the inclusion of migrants”. SUPPORT ME aims to meet this demand and develop appropriate training content for professionals and volunteers.