La VITA è bella – award ceremony in Dublin

La vita e bella In May 2013, the VITA consortium launched the European Award “La VITA è bella” – an award for innovative practice and initiatives on validating competences in informal and non-formal learning in Europe. The consortium wanted to find out in how far innovative learning projects already tackle the topic of validation of social, personal and organisational competences. Award participants were asked to present projects or initiatives that promote the development of these competences in an innovative way and include practical cases or at least ideas on how learning outcomes and competence developments within this specific competence area can be assessed and evidenced also beyond the walls of formal education.

An independent jury had the difficult task of choosing the most creative projects from among the numerous entries.

And the award goes to…

Eleven projects were chosen and their representatives were invited to present their project at the VITA-conference which was held on October 9th, 2013 in Dublin with an international audience. Nine out of the eleven winners were available and followed our invitation to Dublin.

The winners are:

  • Charlotte De Kock, Integrating Together (Samen Inburgeren), Belgium
  • Tom O’ Mara, Distance Learning Co-ordinator, Ireland
  • Barbara Eisele, The New Nachod Human Library, Czech Republic
  • Margaret Howard, Living Literacy Trail, Ireland
  • Wim Kratsborn, The film: ‘Hard to become who you are’, The Netherlands
  • Nathalie Bekx, YOUTH4SOCIETY, Belgium
  • Zdeněk Karásek, Competencies for Labour Market, Czech Republic
  • Stefania Pascut, Move your minds…minds on the move, Italy
  • Anna Lynn Rodriguez, My Block Gallery, France
  • Ada Matiukaite, Centralised training for institutions administering EU structural assistance, Lithuania
  • Alexandra Sanchis, Tutorship and Capitalization of Competence, France

winnners+partnersPlease read more about all winning projects in the attached VITA Newsletter.