PROSPER – Work-life balance and working time


Work–life balance and working-time arrangements are important factors impacting on stress at work. Multifaceted support measures are needed to reduce fatigue, enhance safety and health, and support the maintenance of family responsibilities.

Practical measures to improve working-time arrangements and work–life balance include:

  • involving workers in the design of working hours;
  • accommodating the needs of both the work and the workers;
  • avoiding excessively long working hours;
  • facilitating the maintenance of family responsibilities;
  • adjusting breaks and rest time, encouraging workers to disconnect meaningfully when working remotely;
  • having some trainings teaching the importance of disconnecting and set clear boundaries when working from home;
  • writing some shared policies clearly stressing that not working in presence does not mean that a person can be reached any time and that she has the right to pause.

If you want to find out more, take a look at the PROSPER training modules.