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The six stages of Gibbs reflective cycle:

– Description: Describe the situation or experience you want to reflect upon. What happened? Who was involved? What were your initial thoughts and feelings?

– Feelings: Delve into your emotions. How did you feel at the time? What were your initial reactions to the situation?

– Evaluation: Take a step back and assess the experience objectively. What went well? What could have been done differently? What were the positive and negative aspects?

– Analysis: Explore the factors that influenced your thoughts, feelings, and actions. What assumptions did you make? What were the underlying causes of the situation?

– Conclusion: Summarize what you’ve learned from the experience. What insights have you gained? How will this knowledge inform your future actions?

– Action Plan: Finally, outline the steps you will take based on your reflections. How will you apply what you’ve learned to future situations?