PROSPER – The benefits of focusing on digital productivity


The benefits of focusing on digital productivity

Even before the pandemic, most leading businesses saw digital transformation as their number one priority. But was it a digital transformation? It goes without saying that companies are using an increased number of digital tools in order to organise their work, communitate, perform their functions, and reach out to customers. However, the digital transformation is much more than employing a number of digital tools and training employees how to use them. 

Digital transformation is about the integration of digital technologies to transform all areas of business functions. In order to truly make use of the opportunities of digitalisation, organisations must be prepared to transform their very culture. Concentrating efforts on improving digital productivity takes time and resources – sometimes exactly when they are in short supply. Nevertheless, it is well worth the investment. Some of the benefits of an increased digital productivity include:

  1. A better competitive position of the company (better growth and increased profits);
  2. Increased employee satisfaction as a result of their achievements which may be compensated by bonuses and more sense of belonging;
  3. Greater customer satisfaction as a result of the improved products and services;
  4. New resources for R&D and innovation activities;
  5. More opportunities for training and personal development activities as a result of more money and time available;  
  6. With the new resources and employee skill set, new digital tools and technologies can be incorporated into the company’s activities.

Most companies recently experienced considerable difficulties with the last point – trying to pursue digitalisation as an isolated measure, and not as a step in an overall process to enhance productivity. This is why it becomes important to focus to the larger context in which digital productivity becomes relevant for the company. 

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