VIM – How the pilots went

We have successfully concluded the VIM national pilots and have written up our reports.
In total, 55 educators piloted the small training units in all countries involving all in all 488 migrants and refugees from different countries of origin. The pilot tests took place in various contexts, mainly in language courses, but also during welcoming sessions, workshops and multiplier events.

In general, the feedback from the educators in terms of the relevance and usability of the VIM small training units was very positive. Since there are not many such teaching materials specifically aimed at this target group, the activities were highly appreciated by the majority of educators in all countries.

During the pilots, language and time have been identified by some educators as the main challenges throughout the process, as a certain level of language and sufficient time is required to carry out the activities. Educators are recommended to adapt activities to their needs and learners’ backgrounds, and also to use activities frequently to have a real impact on the health perceptions and daily lives of migrants/refugees.

In conclusion, the feedback from the pilot tests in all countries has given consortium partners confirmation that they have developed a valuable source of activities to promote health literacy among migrants and refugees. VIM’s small training sessions can be used by various organisations and individuals to facilitate the integration of migrants and refugees in Europe and improve their lifestyles.