No Alternative Facts – Training offer

The project consortium has developed the training offer to enhance critical thinking and digial literacy among young adults. The programme is made up from three modules, all of which are available through and supported by the gamified platform. The modules are:

  • Module 1: Fake News and Intentional Misinformation in Digital Technology aimed to enhance awareness of various types of intentional misinformation and to create an understanding of the problem and intentions (emotional, political and economic manipulation)
  • Module 2: Tackling ‘Fake News’ and other forms of Intentional Misinformation aimed to enable learners to apply a range of techniques and approaches for tackling intentional misinformation and to use practical approaches for critical thinking skills development
  • Module 3: Tools and Techniques for Delivery aimed to enable learners to use the gamified environment for the delivery of innovative peer-to-peer and quiz-based learning and to build their own learning resources (e.g. examples of fake news) – basic media production skills