SASSI Working On – Partner meeting Banska

In early May, the SASSI consortium met for a 2-day meeting in Bansk√° Bystrica, Slovakia. The meeting was hosted by our Slvakian partner CVNO – an education centre for non-profit organisation.
The main aim of the meeting was …to work on the training modules that would be part of the training course carried out in September 2019 in Portugal and to discuss and finalise the inventory of competences. The latter contains competence descriptions and respective reference systems as a basis for validating competences of trainers, people with HR responsibility, line and team managers that provide career guidance for mature workers.

In addition, the team discussed the competence profile of people who would promote innovative work experiences including mobility as a means to refresh and update competences or to discover new or hidden competences of older workers – the Ambassadors for Mobility. E-Learning modules and a guideline will be developed for them. The team believes that mobility is beneficial for both employers and employees to increase motivation and strengthen skills. Specific mobility offers and funding schemes will be provided on a dedicated platform at a later stage.