PROSPER – What is a stress risk assessment?


Risk assessment is the process of evaluating risks to workers’ safety and health from workplace hazards which considers:

  • what could cause injury or harm;
  • whether the hazards could be eliminated and, if not;
  • what preventive or protective measures are, or should be, in place to control the risks;
  • the efficiency of the safety and mitigation measures adopted;
  • the documentation of the outcomes of the assessment and its continuous review.

Whereas «hazards» can be anything – whether work materials, equipment, work methods or practices – that has the potential to cause harm and «risks» is the chance, high or low, that somebody may be harmed by the hazard.

Benefits of conducting workplace stress surveys:

  • It is Time-Efficient: Conducting job stress surveys is quick, especially with online survey tools.
  • Cost-Effective: Conducting quick online workplace stress surveys will cost you almost anything but will save you a lot of money by identifying the stress triggers. Once you have identified those stress factors, you can address them and ease your employees to more peaceful and productive.
  • Gives opportunity for changes: You can quickly remedy stressful and unpleasant situations by making necessary changes.
  • Increases employee retention: According to a recent study, 40% of workers feel their job is very stressful. This is a cause for concern, for it directly impacts the employees’ intent to stay with the organization. If their stress is not relieved, they may quit the organization for another job opportunity.

If you want to find out more, take a look at the PROSPER training modules.