Exciting News: The PROVIDE platform, a significant outcome of the COOL project, is now live and operational!

PROVIDE is set to revolutionize the learning landscape, offering vital support to both learners and learning providers as they navigate the expansive realm of learning opportunities. Addressing the challenges of when, where, and what to learn, PROVIDE emerges as a dynamic solution. For learning offer providers seeking to expand their horizons and attract new learners, PROVIDE serves as a valuable ally.

At its core, PROVIDE bridges the gap between adult learners and learning offer providers, presenting a unified platform for seamless interaction.

The “Erasmus Plus KA1 Mobility Project” backs PROVIDE, extending support to staff and learners in school education, vocational education and training, and adult education. This support encompasses participation in diverse learning opportunities abroad, including short-term courses, job shadowing, and conferences.

PROVIDE functions as a hub, bringing together key players of the KA1 Mobility Project—learners, supporting organizations, and learning offer providers. Organizations can effortlessly post their learning offers or demands, reaching audiences across Europe through our extensive network.

Beyond mere matching, PROVIDE aspires to create an ecosystem for the KA1 Mobility Project, fostering collaboration and synergy among stakeholders across Europe.

Remember, learning happens everywhere, whether at home or abroad.

If you’re eager to post an offer or become a partner, register here and be part of this dynamic learning community!