Celebrating Success: REVEAL15 Event and COOL’s Online Course – Third Newsletter

Welcome back to another exciting update from the COOL project! We are delighted to share our latest accomplishments, including our participation in the REVEAL15 event and the launch of our online course. As an initiative funded by the European Union, COOL aims to create open learning spaces for disadvantaged learners, enhancing access to lifelong and civic learning.

REVEAL15 Event: A Unique Confluence of Projects

On 14th and 15th June 2023, the REVEAL15 event brought together ten European projects and local communities for an enriching experience. Embracing an active conference and exhibition format, the event served as an excellent platform to showcase projects and products in various thematic areas, including culture, social development, and informal learning.

The COOL Project Exhibition: Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

At the REVEAL15 event, we presented the COOL project exhibition concept, captivating visitors with our unique approach to open learning. By combining both physical and digital elements, participants could explore exhibits at their own pace, engaging with transnational teams in a hybrid format.

A Road Trip of Learning and Creativity

Beyond the traditional conference setup, the REVEAL15 event offered a philosophical road trip, collaborative workshops, a mesmerizing concert, and Impro Theatre performances. Participants immersed themselves in a world of creativity, discovering new perspectives on learning and development.

Online Course Launch: Empowering Learning and Development Professionals

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our online course on the Moodle platform. This course aims to qualify learning and development professionals as “Facilitators for Open Learning,” empowering them to create inclusive and effective learning experiences. The course comprises the following modules:

  1. COOL LEVEL5 approach: A holistic approach to plan and deliver competence-based learning in informal and non-formal contexts.
  2. COOL Competence oriented learning and validation: Focusing on competence-based learning and validation methods.
  3. COOL Facilitation of Design Thinking workshops: Equipping facilitators with tools and methods to guide learners through the design thinking process.

Getting Started

Are you excited to embark on a journey of professional growth and empowerment? Access our online course on the Moodle platform and discover the transformative power of open learning: COOL Online Course.

Celebrating Our Team

COOL’s success wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of our incredible team. BUPNET (Germany), INSUP (France), EINC (Lithuania), FOLKUNIVERSITETET (Sweden), CESIE (Italy), and CAMINOS (Spain) collaborate seamlessly to drive the vision of accessible and inclusive learning.

Learn More About COOL

For more information on the COOL project and our endeavors, visit our website: cool.bupnet.eu. Stay connected with our updates and achievements as we continue our mission to empower learners and foster social innovation.

Stay Tuned for Future Updates

Stay tuned for more inspiring updates and stories from the COOL project. We are committed to promoting open learning spaces and making a positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged learners. Together, let’s build a brighter future through accessible and lifelong learning!