PROSPER – The challenges to productivity


Before going digital

Inefficient processes have always been the biggest productivity killer for companies. A survey among British companies before the pandemic found that a full quarter of a working day of every employee is wasted on unnecessary tasks, redundant administrative burdens, or outdated ways of organising work. To be more precise:

  • 42 minutes on administration tasks if questionable necessity; 
  • 36 minutes on work conversations not resulting in any tangible outcomes;
  • 28 minutes on mandatory team meetings that did not in fact require the employee’s presence;
  • 26 minutes tasks dealing with outdated technology.

Some solutions

    • Managing emails – this could be remedied by a tool like EmailAnalytics, which helps measure and improve your team’s response time by visualising  their email usage with graphs and charts; or an email manager like Mailbird, which helps integrate several mail accounts with third-party apps like Dropbox, Facebook and Twitter; or even a personalised inbox like SaneBox, which filters out the important messages;
    • Attending unnecessary meetings – you could make meetings and daily tasks more efficient by using a time-tracking tool like TimeBro
    • Handling employee expenses and arranging business travel details – the best solution here is to outsource these tasks to an external agency, which can perform them far more quickly and efficiently.

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Read more about the survey here: The CFO, 2019 “How inefficient processes waste nearly a third of employees’ time”: https://the-cfo.io/2019/06/19/how-inefficient-processes-waste-nearly-a-third-of-employees-time/